What is vinyl transfer printing and how it works?

Vinyl is supplied in a roll and installed onto a plotter/ vinyl cutting machine. From there, we upload a created file that communicates with the cutter where to cut and how deep it has to cut. Then, you weed out all the material you don’t need. Keeping the vinyl transfer with only whats going to be install on the garment. From there it is applied onto a garment using a heat press. Once its pressed, everything is done and ready to be bagged or shipped.

Colorful heat transfer vinyl prints in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Southern Highlands

Vinyl transfer with heat press is a known way to apply your Design onto clothing. Its widely known to be used in swap meets, flea markets, kiosk booths and malls.

Material and Durability of vinyl prints on clothing

it can be applied on any material like cotton, polyester, team jerseys, rayon, silk, leather and more. Vinyl transfers offer an endless opportunity for printing on all materials with no efforts. There are a quite few things to consider below when heat pressing the garments.

HEAT PRESS ISSUESzippers may melt in the press when its heated up to 340 degrees for 18 seconds. Other material does Location area must be smooth and flat. If there’s any type of lump, it would cause bump on the print, uneven print and vinyl lifting off the material.

Design and file format requirements for vinyl heat press printing?

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How long does the vinyl heat press printing process take?

The time would determine on how much material we would have to weed out. Some designs are takes a couple minutes while others take a few hours. If you need it quick, I would recommend taking a look at DTF PRINTING.

Are there any limitations to the size or complexity of designs?

Our max size would be 13×16 for a transfer. If you need something larger, please take a look at our DTF PRINTING

Can vinyl heat press printing withstand repeated washing and drying?

The transfers does last depending on the type of material and the washing treatment. Some materials does not allow the vinyl to last as long due to the stock adhesive that the manufacturers use.

Instructions for ironing or pressing garments with vinyl heat press prints?

You’ll need to preheat the surface of your material with a heat press for 10-15 seconds at 320 degrees (This helps remove unwanted oils and fibers on the surface and flattens down the garments when applying the transfer). After preheating, line up the transfer on the garment with a ruler to assure you have the garment and transfer straight and lined up. Heat press it for 20 seconds before lifting the machine. Let the transfer cool down a bit before releasing the transfer. We always recommend doing another press for 5-8 seconds to allow all adhesive to activate just in case it didn’t activate during the first press.

Price for vinyl heat press printing and does it vary based on design complexity or garment type?

Can vinyl heat press transfers be used for promotional or bulk orders?

Vinyl transfers are mainly used as a one off printing. Its not meant for bulk order due to how tedious the weeding is. For more bulk orders, I would recommend DTF Printing or Screen printing. Both has its own benefits. Please take the time to read both in order to choose which is best for you.

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