DTF printed designs on sheet rolls in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Downtown

DTF Printing or Direct To Fabric Printing has you covered near by in Las Vegas. Whether it’s Gang sheet, t shirts, t-shirts, hoodies, jackets or materials like poly and leather. We adjust our printing process based on your custom needs and material. Looking for custom DTF transfers or DTF prints near me, we’re here to handle everything from bulk printing to single-item rushes, while always focusing on your specific requirements.


Quick and Efficient DTF Printing Turnaround

Need Rush Gang Sheet or a custom garment?

We offer a affordable standard 3-5 business day turnaround, or same-day and next-day services with a rush fee if available for those tight deadlines. Rush orders are great for DTF prints, we know time is of the essence. For direct to film printers that can keep up with your pace, you’ve found the right place.


Our DTF prices are fair and flexible. A DTF transfer sheet 22×48 inches is $30, and a DTF printed t-shirt would depend on quantity and location. Planning a low color order 24 or more items? Try screen printing it might be a cheaper and better solution for you.

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No Job Is Too Small or Large

Whether it’s a large 110,000 order or a single shirt, we’ve got you covered. Our design assistance ensures your ideas are perfectly suited for DTF printing, while keeping the process simple and efficient.

Design Help for Your Big Orders

Got a large order? We’re on it with design assistance, ensuring your ideas are perfectly suited for DTF printing. For the smaller orders, we like to keep things simple and efficient.

Dependable Quality in Every DTF Print

Advanced DTF Print Technology

Our High End DTF print machine technology delivers vibrant, long-lasting prints on any color fabric. Just Press and peel. It’s that easy. It’s the quality and easy maintenance of our DTF prints that make us stand out.

SHIPPING: Las Vegas, Arizona, Utah, California,

Serving Locally and Shipping Nationwide

Based in Las Vegas, we serve clients across Utah, Arizona, and California, in addition to local customers. Specializing in nationwide orders, we ensure prompt and secure delivery of custom DTF transfers and direct to film sheet prints.

Customized Printing with Special Deals

Printing Exactly As You Want

Our DTF printer offers extensive customization, handling anything from a small 4×4 inch left chest pocket print area job to a large 22 inch by 4 feet project. For those bigger or recurring orders, check out our special wholesale deals.

Join Forces with Us – Your Trusted Partner for DTF Printing

As your trusted DTF printing partner in Las Vegas, we cater to sports teams, locals, visitors, and businesses alike. Experience the seamless integration of quality, speed, and affordability in our printing solutions.

Summary: Elevate your printing experience with our cutting-edge DTF printing services in Las Vegas. Whether you need same-day printing for trade shows, conventions, or sports events, we have you covered. Our wholesale capabilities and expertise in DTF transfers on various materials, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, safety vests, polos, and tote bags, make us the go-to choice for individuals and businesses alike. Join us to witness the fusion of creativity and efficiency in the world of DTF printing.

DTF printed designs on sheet rolls in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Downtown


Pros of DTF Printing:

  • Rapid Same-Day Printing: Rapid same-day printing refers to our commitment to providing quick and efficient printing services. Whether you need promotional materials for an event or last-minute personalized items, DTF printing ensures to meet tight deadlines without compromising on high quality.
  • Cost-Effective Gang Sheet Options for Wholesale Bulk Orders: Our cost-effective gang sheet options for wholesale orders are designed to provide businesses and individuals with budget-friendly solutions. By strategically arranging multiple designs on a single sheet, we optimize the use of materials, reducing costs for bulk printing. This approach ensures that you get the most value for your investment when ordering in larger quantities.
  • Versatility in Material Printing: Versatility in material printing highlights our capability to apply DTF transfers to a diverse range of fabrics and materials. From traditional cotton t-shirts to polyester jackets, safety vests, polos, and even tote bags, our DTF printing process accommodates various materials. This flexibility allows you to bring your creative designs to life on a wide array of surfaces.
  • Vibrant and Detailed Prints: DTF printing produces vibrant and highly detailed prints, ensuring that your designs come to life with precision and clarity.
  • High Wash Resistance: DTF transfers exhibit high wash resistance, ensuring that your prints remain vibrant and durable even after multiple washes. This is crucial for apparel and products subjected to frequent laundering.

Cons of DTF Printing:

  • Limited to Certain Materials: While DTF printing is versatile, it is not applicable to all materials. The process works well with fabrics like cotton, polyester, and blends commonly used in apparel. However, certain materials with specific textures or compositions may not be suitable for DTF printing. Understanding the compatibility of materials is crucial to achieve optimal results and avoid potential challenges in the printing process.
  • Environmental Considerations: The chemicals and inks used in DTF printing may raise environmental concerns. It’s essential to adopt proper disposal practices.
  • Not Ideal for Complex Designs: Extremely intricate or complex designs may pose challenges for DTF printing. It’s advisable to assess the level of detail and intricacy in your designs to ensure they are compatible with the capabilities of DTF technology.
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